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About Me
Hey, here is my origin story from uni to where I am now. For a full list of projects and companies I've worked, ping me and I can send you my CV.

Graduated mixed media and was introduced to design principals via a graduate scheme. Following I've explored a wide set of skills from marketing to video editing, audio composition, web design, publishing among others.

I liked tech and art since I was a kid, I was passionate about mixing them all together creating all sort of wacky ideas. During my uni years, I loved creating music along animated videos in After effects, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut, etc

2010-2012: Web Design years

I started doing web design, especially designing WordPress templates in HTML, CSS, JS and PHP. Also during that time I've enjoyed doing banners and interactives in software called Flash where you could do cool animations with a code language named ActionScript. That was later to change as Apple did not like it and dropped its support from the iPhone and iPad. Ugh!

2012-2013 Agency Side

Digital design was something really attractive, we didn't have lots of startups around in Europe back then and most of the interesting projects ran through agencies. I've worked a mix of interactive projects like chrome experiments, websites, interactive billboards and interactive experiences (like this one)

We were the cool kids, I remember we used to work with big advertising agencies like BBDO, Publicis Amsterdam, DDB, Engine Group, etc. Some projects were featured in the FWA and Awwwards website directories.

Clients: Sony, Adidas, Underarmour, Microsoft, Bechtel, IKEA, KLM

Worked and traveled in Vienna, Amsterdam and London

2013 - 2016: Product Focus

Joined my first startup in 2013 part of Homeserve in London, and we were totally separate in a place called Homeserve innovation lab. We played around with a lot of cool tech, especially around the internet of things that was fairly new to the public.

Started working at Eyeballit, a startup developed by a friend (Larry), with whom we created a multi-touchpoint product for real estate. It was basically a video management platform (although we marketed it differently) which allowed real estate agents to beam up a video to clients. We had built a full-featured video CRM with version control and editing tools, iOS and Android App along with a property listing page. This was acquired by a real estate fund in the US and integrated under their brand later on.

Joined Beamery, a recruitment CRM startup by the time we where a team of 9 people, I was the only designer and helped to shape up the features that are still in use today. We developed lots of features like onboarding, data migration, an email campaign editor, email composer, admin panel redesign, profile and an interesting tone of voice analytic tool using IBM's Watson AI.

2017 - Present UX & Product Design

Started contracting big and small companies, focusing on client-side and product development. Worked with H&M Stockholm, EY, Warner Brothers, HSBC, Eurocarparts but also with a set of cool startups like Ordo Pay, Peerpoint, AndDigital accelerator.

I learned to adapt fast, be well structured, understand products and different user profiles throughout quantitative and qualitative data.

My work may vary from project to project but to layer things up a regular process may start from:

• discovery
• client workshops
• prioritising (and questioning) features
• create a roadmap for design sprints and workshops
• research (quantitative and qualitative)
• understanding different ethnographic patterns
• establishing user flows with the technical director
• tackling edge cases and deciding what can be automated and what can be sent to the support team
• wireframe level prototypes
• conducting user testing sessions & gathering results
• visual UI
• establishing and updating design systems
• managing scalable UI
• updating wikis and documenting the updates
• maintaining a structure and engaging the team into adding value to the product.

Want to work together or interested improving your product? Drop me a line here and let's plan a chat!
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