About me


My name is Felix. I create digital products, from particular problems to a step by step process –  from discovery, research, personas, user flow, wireframes to fully working prototypes. I helped startups scale up and make their clients happy through better UX.
Believe the power of SaaS platforms and mobile apps integrating themselves into a logical system. I support new B2C & B2B ideas that creates new markets, business first.

Past Clients/Work

Beamery – UX Design, Customer Personas, Research click here to open showcase video

Eyeball.it – Development & Design

SafeGas (by Homeserve group) – Product Design showcase video

Articulate – UI/UX for iOS reader app for iPhone & iPad

Agencies Poke London, Minivegas, Impero, projects for Adidas, Under Armour, Disney, IKEA, EE , Schiphol International

Tools I use: Sketch, InvisionApp, Adobe CC, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery, Angular Material Design, Bootstrap, Backbone JS, Algolia,

For work enquiries email me at felixhornoiu/at/gmail.com or connect on:

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